List of Prohibition era night clubs and speakeasies

c. Ellen NicKenzie Lawson Ph.D.

A geographical list of Manhattan Prohibition sites is below. It is obviously a rough list since there were supposedly 500 night clubs and 30,000  speakeasies in the city . When  raided and closed, these clubs and speakeasies often simply moved to a new location, often under a new name.   The sites became  fixed as raids lessened near the end of Prohibition. The places listed below were significant enough to be mentioned in the literature of the era.

Obviously the list can and should  be vastly expanded.  Such sites, if NYC celebrates the 100th anniversary of Prohibition in 1920, will be important to acknowledge. New York City produced an effective, informal, resistance movement to Prohibition which, in retrospect, was doubly important because this resistance was located in the nation’s largest city and biggest liquor market. This is the thesis of Smugglers, Bootleggers, and Scofflaws: Prohibition and New York City (SUNY Press 2013)available in paperback and as an e-book.

[If you can add to the list, please contact the author through a facebook message and including your e-mail address. This is the list as of 12.9.14.]

Battery Park Area

Barge Office, site of current Coast Guard Building
Dead Man’s Basin for auctions of seized vessels, probably between current Coast Guard Building and Staten Island ferry terminal
U.S. Custom’s Building, now a museum, where Coast Guard Intelligence and Prohibition Bureau also had offices.
Bedloes [Liberty} Island, where larger seized vessels were anchored.

Lower East Side
O’Leary’s in the Bowery
Flanagan brother’s Restaurant, Grand Street
McSorley’s Saloon, East 15th and Seventh Street
Governor Al Smith’s childhood home, 174 South Street.
Prohibition Agent Izzy Einstein’s home, Ridge Street.
Blue Bird Café near Union Square.
Gypsy Night Club, Second Avenue
Knickerbocker Warehouse, Bowery and 1st Street

Little Italy
Police Headquarter, 240 Centre Street
Curbside Liquor Exchange, Kenmare, Elizabeth, Broome, and Grant
Marinelli’s Garage, corner of Kenmare and Mulberry
Celano’s Restaurant, another corner of Kenmare and Mulberry
Sawdust Inn, basement of corner drugstore on Kenmare and Mulberry.
Broome Street, Luciano hid out here during Castellamarre War.
Varrick Street, Ralph Capone stayed here on visits to NYC.

Greenwich Village

Green Door, still open today, on extreme sw side of Village near Hudson River.
Greenwich Village Inn under management of Barney Gallant, Sheridan Square.
Pirate’s Den under Don Dickerman, Christopher and 6th and, earlier, on Minetta Lane.
Red Head, Sixth Avenue between Washington Place and 4th Street.
Washington Square Club, 19 N. Washington Square.
Romany Marie’s Club, Minetta Land and later on Washington Square.
Chumley’s, 86 Bedford Street
Three Steps Down, West 8th Street
Fronton Club, 88 Washington Place.
Brevoort Hotel, 15 Fifth Avenue.
Miami Inn, Christopher Street.
Club Gallant, 40 Washington Square.
Julius’, 159 W. 10th.
Stonewall’s, 91 7th .
Half Past Nine Club, 73 8th.
White Horse Tavern, W. 11th and Hudson.
John and Jean’s, 139 W. 10th.
Jack’s, 88 Charles Street.
Pete’s Tavern, 18th and Irving
Black Knight Club, across from 137 Macdougal
Dickerman’s Country Club on E. 9th

West Side
Phoenix Cereal [ Brewery] Company, W.26th and Tenth Avenue. Waxey Gordon’s Warehouse, West 38th.
J and L Speakeasy, 105 W. 38th.
George’s Place, 507 Lexington.
Drugstore phone booth, West 23rd


The “Naughty” Forties
Beaux Arts Café, 80 W. 40th facing Park.
Shanleys, 117 W. 42nd.
Knickerbocker Building, 42nd and Times Square,
Cloud Club, 77th floor of new Chrysler Building.
Dunstans, 43rd and Sixth Avenue.
Bill Duffy’s Tavern, 44th between Broadway and Sixth.
Bridge and Whist Club [sting], 14 E. 44th.
El Fay Club, 107 W. 45th.
Yacht Club, W. 45th
Cave of the Fallen Angels, 301 W. 46th
Dinty Moore’s, 46th.
Silver Slipper, West 48th.
Chez Florence, 117 W. 48th
Texas Guinan’s, W. 48th
Puncheon, 42 W. 49th.
Artists Social and Democratic Club, West 46th.
Billy LaHiff’s Tavern, West 48th.
Press Club, 141 E. 46th.
Press grill, 152 E. 41st.
Roxy Grill, 155 W. 46th.
The Place, 6th Avenue in the 40s
Commodore Hotel
Hollywood Club, Times Square

The “Nifty” Fifties
Casa Lopez (2nd), Broadway and 50th
Les Ambassadeurs, Broadway near 50th
Stork Club, second incarnation, East 51st off Park Avenue
Club New Yorker, 38  E. 51st
Jack and Charlie’s, also Club 21, 21 West 52nd Street
Onyxx Club, 35 W. 52nd
Philanthropic Club, E. 52nd
Chez Morgan, West 52nd.
Helen Morgan’s Summer House, 134 W. 52nd.
The Silver Mattress, 384 Park Avenue, near 53rd.
Fay’s Follies, 54th and Eighth Avenue.
Texas Guinan’s Three Hundred Club, 151 W. 54th.
Club Argonaut, also 151 W. 54th
Casa Lopez (1st), W. 54th
Chez Helen Morgan, east of Broadway on 54th
Porky Murray’s club, West 52nd.
Backstage Club, 56th near Sixth Avenue.
Merry-Go-Round 146-48th E. 56th
Country Club (Park Avenue Club), 126 E. 58th.
Club Richelieu, West 51st.
Chateau Madrid, West 54th.
Salon Royal, 310 W. 58th.
Ted Lewis Club, 52nd and Seventh.
El Fay, 107 W. 54th.
Stork Club, 1st version, West 58th and Sixth.
Leon and Eddie’s, 31 West 52nd.
Tony’s, 59 W. 52nd. Original on 49th Street.
The Cave, between 57th and 57th on Sixth.
Dizzy Club, 64 West 52nd.
Aquarium, West 58th.
Bath Club, 35 W. 53rd.
Biarritz, 52nd street.
Bill’s Bar, 57 E. 54th.
Club Napoleon, 33 w. 56th.
Epicure, 40 E. 52nd.
Five O-Clock, West 54th.
Gus, 112 E. 52nd.
Little Maison Doree, 72 W. 52nd.
Mansion, 27 W. 51st.
Mona Lisa, West 56th.
Old Fashioned Club, W. 50th.
Park Grill, 106 W. 52nd.
Ship Ahoy, 52 W. 51st.
Strollers, 67 E. 59th.
Kinvara Café, 381 Park Avenue

Villa Venice, E. 60th Street
Marlboro Club, 15 E. 61st
Central Park Casino, W.66th in Central Park


Shadows of Hell Gate Bridge (a marina near 130th)
Beer War casualties, 107th East Harlem
Cotton Club, 142nd and Lenox.
Connie’s Inn, 132 and Seventh.
Small’s Paradise, 135 and Seventh.
Sugar Cane, 135th.
Baron Wilkins, 134th and seventh.
Edmond’s Cellar, 132nd and Fifth.
The Nest, 169 W. 133rd.
Lenox Club, 575 Lenox.
Leroy’s Club
Tillie’s Inn