Raw Data on 160 Boats seized near Cape Cod and Islands during Prohibition

Raw data on Rumrunners seized off Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and New Bedford: A-Z.

compiled by Ellen NicKenzie Lawson c. 2017

Below is a list of over 160 boats and ships seized by the Coast Guard for carrying liquor illegally during Prohibition while off the shores of the Cape and Islands.Some entries give place boat or ship was seized, or date, or occasionally names.For more information, consult the file, under name of boat, in Record Group 26, Coast Guard Seized vessel records, at the National Archives in Washington D.C. Some files have only one sheet giving name of boat, co-ordinates for where the boat was seized, name of captain, and maybe name of owner. Other files have newsclippings and some have photos taken by the Coast Guard. Booats with numbers are usually speedboats. This information was gathered by Lawson going through the 90 boxes of Seized Vessel Records for Prohibition at the National Archives.Rough notes and some photos are in the Ellen Lawson Papers at Nickerson Library, Cape Cod Community College, Massachusetts.

Auf Wiedersehn of New Bedford. Off Cuttyhunk.
A.Maria. Allen’s harbor, Dennisport, 11.15.1926.
Accuracy. Off Cotuit two years after Prohibition ended, 5.2.1935.
Addie Mae. 15 miles east of Nantucket Shoals.
Aida. Conveyed illegal aliens from Portugal, not liquor.
Albatross of New Bedford. Off Nomansland south of the Vineyard. Also off Block Island. Captain was Lopez Fox.
Albertina of Chatham. Seized 3.5 miles off Vineyard Sound Light, 12.20.1930
Alert. Buzzards Bay.
Alibi II. Vineyard Sound light, 2.24.1931
Allen S. Off Nomansland buoy, in test “run” from Rhode Island to Gay Head, 1.2.1926..
Aloysius. Off East and West Chop lights, Martha’s Vineyard
Alpaca. Owned by Al Capone who was sighted on the streets of Westport .
Amacita. Canadian ship seized in Buzzards Bay near Puppy Rocks, 11. 1932
America of New Bedford, ostensibly British, owned by P. J. LeBlanc. Off Long Island, 4.19.1932.
Anna Guarino. Hyannis harbor, 4.17, 1927.
Anna Laura. Plymouth harbor, 4.9.1925.
Annie C. of New Bedford, owned by Alex Avilla. Salvaging in Buzzards Bay off West Falmouth 3. 1933. Chris Riello and Manuel Cardeira were aboard.
Annie L. Spindler. Wrecked off Provincetown as hundreds watched from shore.
Arethusa, owned by Captain Bill McCoy. Off Nomansland.
Arthur J. Balfour. Hijacked off Nantucket by rum boat disguised as Coast Guard cutter.
Astrid of New Bedford and owned by Denault. In Vineyard Sound, 12.23.1927.
Astrid II of New Bedford, owned by M. Chapman, boarded in Buzzards Bay, 10.28.1926.
Atlantis of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Requests not to be harassed at sea by Coast Guard.
Atsco. 17 miles south of Muskeget Channel, Nantucket. 8,5,1932.

Beatrice. Captain’s suicide in snowstorm 15 miles northeast of Cape Cod Light. 12.1926
Beatrice S. of Provincetown owned by Laurence S. Segura, 11.1932.

C1903 owned by Paul F. Reardon. Dropoff chart for Nantucket Sound found aboard.
C215. Atwood’s wharf in Plymouth harbor, 8.6.1926.
C2617 owned by Nunes. Peddling liquor in Cuttyhunk harbor, 7.12.1927.
C2731. Near Plymouth’s Bug Light, 1.16.1925.
C3498. Stranded in fog off Plymouth beach.
C3840. Off Highland Light. Sank on tow to Boston.
C3944. Plymouth harbor.
C4124, Plymouth harbor.
C4603 of New Bedford, owned by J. Watts. Off Hen and Chicken Light.
C4809. 23 miles west of Nantucket shoals, 6.12.1925. See testimony of John Mello, Jr.
C5187. Chatham harbor , 1.11.1931. Chatham men arrested: R. Robbins, J. Chase, L. Clark, N. Cahoon.
C5229. Outer channel of Cotuit, 9.10.1931.
C5310. Off Gay Head Light.
C5604 of New Bedford. Buzzards Bay and Martha’s Vineyard
C5677. Oaks Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard. Using carried pigeons? Smuggling dope too? 7.15.1925
C5691 of New Bedford, owned by D. Cornell. Stopped with gun shots in Buzzards Bay.
C5692. Off Nomansland.
C5760. Plymouth harbor.
C5883. Stopped with gun fire Off Race Point Light
C5993. East Brewster.
C618 of Plymouth owned by J. Brigida. Plymouth harbor.
C6279. Plymouth speedboat off Minot’s Ledge.
C662. Wharf in Plymouth harbor.
C7468. Welfleet.
C7828 of Sagammore owned by W. Eldridge. Off Rockport.
C833. Two miles off Race Point.
C872. Eighteen miles off Race Point.
C933. Plymouth harbor.
Clara Mathieu captained by Browne-Willis. In collision with tanker off Cuttyhunk, 1.7.1927.
Cohocton. Coal barge with double-bottom smelling of liquor in New Bedford harbor.
Colonel of New Bedford, owned by J. Backus. “Salvaging” coal shipwreck off Cape Cod, 3.19.1927.
Columbia. Stranded in snowstorm off Stonewall beach, Martha’s Vineyard, 1.1.1924.
Cygnet. Swordfishing boat aground off Squibknocket. No owner or guests aboard.

Dart. Outer channel of Cotuit, 9.19.1931.
Dorothy Earl. Aground off Gooseberry Neck, Westport, 1.19.1927.
Dream. Wharf in Plymouth. Owner tries to bribe Coast Guard.

E481, dory of W & S. Mello. Off Hobbes Hole in Plymouth , 8.20.1924.
E898E. Provincetown harbor.
El Sol of New Bedford. Wrecked off Warren’s Point, R.I., 5.23.1931.
Endeavor . In Fairhaven after trip to Squibnocket for liquor, 9.1933.
Esther M. Rendle. Towed lighter with liquor from Provincetown to Boston, 2.6. 1925.
Ethel E. Young. Off Billingsgate Island, 11.23.1927.
Etta M. Burns. Stranded off Chilmark, near Naskaquitsa Cliffs, Martha’s Vineyard,4.23.1927.
Evelynne Ruth. Chased from Boston to Provincetown, 3.30.1930.
Expression. Stranded off Handkerchief Shoal, 2 miles west of Monomoy Station, 4.8.1924.

F565. Cuttyhunk, 4.22.1932.
Florida. Nantucket harbor, 8.17.1931. Cook in dirty apron and crew in jeans, during NYC Yacht Club Regatta.
Folome of New Bedford owned by Charles Conroy. In New Bedford harbor, 4.29.1930.
Frances Louise. Sixteen miles off Cape Cod.

Gaspe Fisherman. Piloted in 1927 by Westport’s Manuel Lewis. Sank 35 miles southeast of Nantucket 1.14. 1928.
Gemma. Off New York after stop in West Tisbury., 8.31.1922.
George Cochran. Nova Scotia fishing boat to New York City. Near Vineyard Light, 12.13.1927.
Go On. Salvaging the Overland wreck off Cuttyhunk,5.9.1932.
Grey Goose. Woods Hole harbor, 8.10.1927.
Guppy I. Chased from Boston to New Bedford, probably through Cape Cod Canal, 5.4.1932.

Helen Ferlito. Sank by gun fire 20 miles east of Great Round Shoals Lightship, 8.22.1928.
Helen of Welfleet owned by W. Smith. Found adrift in Cape Cod Bay.
Helen G. McLean. Off Nantucket.
Henry D. Beached two miles wsw south of Cuttyhunk Coast Guard Station, 10.6.1924.
Hither. Off Cape Pogue in Nantucket Sound, 4.10.1931.
Hobo. In Buzzards Bay, 11.6.1932.
Humpe. Burned then sank 28 miles east of Sankaty Head Light, 5.25.1928.

Isabel. 28 miles northeast of Race Point Light off Provincetown, 4.11.1929.

J.B.Young. Vineyard Haven harbor. Captain fled.
John R. Manta. Off Gay Head, smuggling aliens from Azores, 1929.l
John W. Dwight, owned by T. Craven of NYC. Sank in Vineyard Sound, 4.5. 1923.
Joppait, crew of three from Plymouth. Off Falmouth Heights, 3.5. 1929.
Josephine Maria of New Bedford, owned by Lester Bowman, fired on off Montauk Point, L.I., 2.8. 1925
Julia III. Off Monomy Point, 1924-25.
Julia May. Off Nomansland near the Vineyard with 500 cases of champagne. 12.31.1925.
Julian III. On Orleans beach two miles north of Coast Guard station, 12.9.1925.
Juneal. A mile south of Nashawena in Elizabeth Islands. Crew of nine from Boston. 1.8.1932.

Kathleen Conrad. Sank off Cape Cod, 2.23.1927.latitude 42/30 longitude 68.
Kathleen. Off Provincetown, 4.19.1928.

Lassgehn of New Bedford. Fired on in Cape Cod Bay and rum runner killed.
Lear C. of New Bedford, owned by Healy of Westport. Off Nomansland.
Leonia and Gabriel, owned by F. Corea of Provincetown. Salvaging off Provincetown.
Lois A. Conrad. Followed from Cape Cod to Cape Sable.
Lucky Strike. Off Nomansland.
Lutzen. Off New Bedford.

Madame X, owned by Jess Sylvia, captained by Joseph Dutra of New Bedford, crewed by Nunes. Off Mishuam Point, S. Dartmouth, 10/1932.
Madeline. In Waquoit harbor after end of Prohibition.
Maria del Soccorsa. Stranded five miles east of Chatham Bars Inn Pier, 5.31.1932.
Mary Langdon. Off Nobska Point near Woods Hole,6.23.1925.
Mary of New Bedford. In Sheepshead Bay, New York, 1.21.1931.
Mary (933C). Plymouth harbor.
Mayo IV. Never caught. Maine to Cape Cod.
Mazel Tov. 11.5 miles off Nomansland, 11.2.1930.
Mishawaka. Plymouth harbor.
Mineola. In Buzzards Bay, 12.3.1929.
Minnie V. of New Bedford, crew of P. LeBlanc and SW. Nickerson . Near Vineyard Haven, 4.14.1927.
Missoe. Off Nantucket, $3,800 in captain’s socks, 10.15.1926.
Mitzi. Chased with 329 rounds of machine gun fire to Kelly’s Shipyard in New Bedford harbor, 6.24.1933.
Mogadare. Near Gay Head, 7.28.1930.
Monalola of Rhode Island. Off Gay Head with fingerprints of Joe Sousa and Robert Lawrence.

Naomi Bruce of New Bedford. Off White Beach in Massachusetts Bay. 4.17.1928.
Nancy.15 miles ssw Off Nomansland, 9.8.1931.
Nantisco. Vineyard Haven harbor. Originally cleared as lumber barge.
New Boston (814C). s, of Bug Light, Plymouth Channel, 1.16.1925.
Newton Bay, owned by Captain Bill McCoy in 1924. Seized off Nomansland, 1926.
North Star. Off Nomansland.
Nola. Sank off Vineyard Lightship following a chase. S. Nunes of New Bedford wounded, 12.18.1931.

Oakalee. Ten miles off Nauset Beach, 1.20.1926.
Overland. Sank one mile 310 degrees true of Cuttyhunk after 16 rounds of machinegun fire, 10.22.1931.

Peg II. Off Ellisville, near Sandy Neck, in Cape Cod Bay, 5.26.1925.
Pellegrini. Crewman shot by supercargo off Nomansland.
Petrolia #10, headed for Vineyard Sound near Brenton Reef Light, 430 cases of rum aboard.
Pocomo of Vineyard Haven, owned by Nantucket fisherman. In Gloucester harbor, 2.27.1932.
Porpoise of New Bedford. In Smithtown Bay, Long Island, 12.5.1928.
Princess. Boarded off Provincetown.
Priscilla of New Bedford. Seized in Buzzards Bay, 4.14.1931.
Pronto. Off Cape Cod.

Radio II. Off Provincetown.
Rhode Island. Scuttled in Buzzards Bay, 10.7.1931.
Robert E., In Edgartown harbor, Martha’s Vineyard, with machine guns,8.3.1933.
Roenomore of New Bedford, owned by Frank A. Roberts. Off Stone Horse Light, 10.16.1929.
Romance. Portuguese ship seized In New Bedford harbor.

Salvatrice. French ship seized off Sandwich near Cape Cod Canal.
Scipio. Lost off Vineyard Sound Light after 141 shots fired at it.
Seagull. Escaped into Westport harbor.
Star of New Bedford. Sank off Horseneck Beach after chase.
Stranger. In New Bedford harbor.
Sunner. Off Highland Light.
Sylvia II. Owned by Casprious-Phillips Boston gang. Off Peaked Hill Bar near Provincetown, 7.21.1927.
Symor. Off Nomansland escaped into mackerel fleet, 6.13.1929.

Taboga, owned by Max Fox gang. Off Nomansland,6.21.1924.
Thorndyke. Off New Bedford?
Trebor II. Eleven miles east of North Scituate Station.

Vereign. In New Bedford harbor.
Viola of New Bedford. Landed at Eaton’s neck.
Virginia of New Bedford (Three Links). Off Montauk Point, Long Island.

Wanderer, formerly Katherine of Pocasset. In Nantucket Sound, 4.6.1932.
Wanderlust. Stranded on Provincetown beach, 7.28.1931.
Whatzis. Fourteen miles south of Vineyard Sound Light, 7.19.1933.
William A. Morse. Sank off Nantucket.
Woodgod. In New Bedford harbor. Armored sides and with smokescreen apparatus,2.11.1931.

Zodiac. Off Nomansland in fog, ordered into Vineyard Haven. 3.2.1926.